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How to Choose the Right Collar for Your Dog

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Today, pets are adopted as companions by many families. As many as 67% of American households have at least one dog as a pet, according to the statistics.

While most people make the decision to keep a pet because it sounds like a good time, they soon realize that doing so requires a significant time and financial commitment. The average pet owner spends $73 per year on grooming supplies, according to surveys.

In 2018, India was home to approximately 19.5 million dog pets. By the end of 2023, the population was expected to have surpassed 31 million. Sales of dog food in India have increased from $139 million in 2014 to $285 million in 2018, thanks to the country’s rising dog population.

  • This unprecedented growth in the number of dogs kept as pets in India has stimulated a slew of related businesses.
  • Collars for dogs are one of the most common types of accessories purchased by pet owners. Even though there are plenty of options out there, most people worry about making the wrong choice. They get hung up on things like:
  • Collar width, style, color, and adornments

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into these aspects, highlighting the main features you should think about when selecting the right collar for your dog. Keep reading for advice on where to find the best online dog supplies.

Proper Collar Style

Prioritize the collar style as one of your first considerations. Now is also a good time to think about the collar’s ultimate function. Is the collar for the identification or just training purposes? Think about where you’ll be using it most often when walking your dog, whether that’s the park, the street, or doggy daycare.

A buckled flat collar

The standard collar, which is typically a flat buckle collar, is a popular option. Here, we use a cheap and easy closure method, similar to a buckle or snap.

Many popular manufacturers provide options that vary widely in terms of both size and construction quality. The Googly Eyes Dog Collar by Lana Paws is one of the best choices you could make. This collar is unique, durable, and featherweight, guaranteeing your dog’s maximum comfort.

Options with extra features, such as light-reflective strips, are also on the market. Those who like to walk their dogs after dark will benefit the most from this.

Collar with a detachable buckle for fast release

The buckles on these dog collars are typically made of metal or plastic and feature an attachment mechanism that allows for multiple possible configurations. The collar secures reliably and doesn’t come undone no matter how hard you tug on it.

The mechanism loosens the collar gradually from the sides, making it safe to remove with one smooth motion. In most cases, this is helpful in dog daycare settings. When another dog bites on it and doesn’t let go, workers can remove it quickly and easily.

Collar with a Martinga

If your dog is constantly losing his or her collar, a martingale collar may be the solution. These collars are designed to be loose around the neck for comfort but tighten when the dog pulls on the leash. When compared to traditional choke or prong collars, these are widely regarded as the safer and more humane choice. You can also use them to teach your dog new tricks.


H-harnesses are also a great choice for taking your dog for a walk. As the D-ring that connects to the leash rests on the dog’s back rather than around its neck, the dog is free to move around with no restrictions or uncomfortable chafing.

Dogs who like to break free of their leashes can benefit from using an H-harness. When purchasing and affixing a harness to a dog, care must be taken to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

At Lana Paws, you can find functional and fashionable options, like the Red Polka-dotted Dog H-Harness. The harness has four adjusting points to help you find the perfect fit for your dog, two at the neck and two at the chest.

Dog Collar with a ScruffTag

Multiple new high-quality vet products, such as the ScruffTag collar type, have entered the market as a result of technological advancements. Sales of such innovative products are predicted to boost the total value of the pet care industry to $358.62 billion by 2027.

The collars are custom-made for each dog and include unique ID tags. In this case, the rectangle-shaped ID tag is held securely by the straps that remain wrapped around it. The nameplate can be placed anywhere the dog chooses, but most commonly at the back of the neck. In this way, information can be verified more easily by random people.