10 Best Family Dogs

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Labrador Retrievers: Popular for good reason! Friendly, patient, trainable. Versatile in hunting, showing, dock diving, tracking, obedience. 

Labrador Retriever



Bulldogs: Wrinkly and loyal companions for kids. Adaptable to any atmosphere. Family time makes them happy. #DogLovers


Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers: Versatile, intelligent, and popular. Originally for wild-fowling, now excelling in all competitions. #DogLovers


Beagles: Obscure origins, compact size, easy-care coat. Excellent family dogs. Merry, friendly, and curious personalities. #DogLovers



Pugs: "Multum in parvo" - a lot of dog in a small space. Charming, mischievous, and loving. Adaptable to any living situation. #DogLovers



Irish Setters: Popular since the 18th century. Outgoing, active, and trainable. Perfect for active families who enjoy outdoor adventures. #DogLovers

Irish Setter


Brussels Griffon: Hearty, intelligent, and active companion. Great for apartments, needs exercise. Spunky energy, supervision with kids and dogs. #DogLovers

Brussels Griffon


Newfoundlands: Intelligent, loyal, and sweet. Great for families. Famous for being patient and devoted companions. #DogLovers



French Bulldogs: Popular with city dwellers. Playful, smart, and adaptable. Not very active, good with children. Completely irresistible. #DogLovers

French Bulldog


Collies: Legendary herders. Strong, loyal, and affectionate. Suited for active families. Graceful, devoted, and proud. Good with children. #DogLovers