10 Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners

Mountain – Standing

Benefits: Better posture & body awareness, foundation for standing poses. Cues: Strong standing posture, feet hip-width apart, engage core, wide collarbones, relaxed shoulders, neutral hips, lengthened neck.

Standing Forward Fold

Benefits: Improved hip mobility, neck & back relaxation, hamstring stretch. Cues: Inhale, raise arms overhead. Exhale, fold forward from hips, knees bent. Relax head and neck.

Halfway Lift

Benefits: Body awareness, lengthened spine, improved posture. Cues: Standing forward fold. Hands on shins. Inhale, raise torso halfway. Look down, align neck with spine. Lengthen spine, engage core.

Benefits: Foundation for lunges, hip stabilization, hip flexor stretch. Cues: Start in forward fold. Bend knees, hands to ground. Inhale, step right foot back into lunge. Square hips, front heel to back toes, back toes to front heel. Align hip points forward.

Runner’s Lunge

High Lunge

Benefits: Hip and shoulder mobility, core strength, body awareness. Cues: Start in runner's lunge. Square hips, front hip back, back hip forward. Align front knee over ankle. Lift chest, lengthen spine. Inhale, extend arms overhead. Front knee to 90° angle.


Benefits: Core and upper body strength, improved posture, enhanced focus. Cues: Start in tabletop position. External shoulder rotation. Walk knees back slightly. Engage core. Lift knees, engage glutes. Lengthen spine, fill space between shoulder blades


Benefits: Strengthens upper body & core, improves focus. Cues: Start in plank, lower down with tucked elbows & engaged core. Common errors: Dropping hips, flared elbows, improper shoulder alignment.


Increases spine, hip & shoulder mobility. Opens front body, stretches abs. Cues: Lie on stomach, hands under shoulders, engage quads. Lift chest, widen collar bones. Watch lower back pain.

Down Dog

Benefits: Builds upper body strength, improves shoulder, hip, and ankle mobility. Stretches hamstrings and calves. Cues: Start in table top position. Externally rotate shoulders. Press ground away, lift hips into inverted 'V'. Lengthen spine, align neck. Adjust leg extension gently.


Benefits: Calming, relaxing, restorative. Cues: Lie on back, extend legs, open hips, arms by sides, palms up. Soften neck, inhale deeply, exhale. Modifications: Bolster under knees, blanket, foam block for head.