10-Minute Workout for Busy People


Burpees: Fat-burning, full-body workout. Start standing, drop to push-up position. Kick legs out, push-up, jump up. High intensity for maximum benefits. Go all out!

Burpees – 1 minute (2 repetitions)

Planks: Foundation for health, core strength. Get into push-up position, rest forearms. Engage core, legs, arms. Straight body, 1 min. Adjust difficulty, feel the burn.

Plank – 1 minute (2 reps)

Backward lunges activate leg muscles, abs, and arms. Use weights if desired. Boost energy and heart rate. Dynamic option: jumping lunges.

Backward lunges – 1 minute (2 reps)

High-intensity cardio exercise with resistance bands for added intensity. Targets glutes and inner thighs. Squat, jump, land softly, repeat.

Jump squats – 1 minute (2 reps)

Plank with shoulder taps: Press up, tap shoulder with opposite hand, hold plank, alternate sides. Engages arms and core.

Push-up shoulder taps – 1 minute (2 reps)