10 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs as Per Astrologers

Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional zodiac sign. They care deeply for others and seek love and affection. They feel pain intensely.

Cancer (Most sensitive of all)

When hurt, Pisces complain and cry publicly. They're emotionally sensitive and need support. They process deeply and care about others.

Pisces (An emotional wreck)

Scorpio zodiacs conceal negative emotions but care for others. Pay attention to body language when encountering problems. They prioritize tasks well.

Scorpio (Angrily Touchy)

Leo zodiac people are sensitive, love deeply and can be mean when hurt. They're the most sensitive zodiac sign and can reverse emotions easily.

Leo (Gets teary quickly)

Aries is straightforward and hypersensitive, hiding emotions to appear strong. They thrive on action, oppose nonsense, and are known for being aggressive.

Aries (Very sensitive)

Libras are sensitive and diplomatic, but often misunderstood. They excel at balancing and make great managers. Wrong decisions can haunt them.

Libra (easily injured)

Taurus is represented by the Bull and is strong-willed. They hide their sensitive side, but near ones know they're compassionate. They forgive easily and help others.

Taurus (Can be delicate)

Scorpios put up borders when hurt because they care deeply. They're empathetic and never do things halfway, even if it means caring too much.

Virgo (Often gets touchy)

Gemini zodiac people are sensitive and take things personally. They lack decision-making proficiency, but are highly conscious of others' emotions.

Gemini (take everything to the heart)

Sagittarius is unemotional and insensitive. They take everything as a joke, lack seriousness, and don't care if others see them as brutal.

Sagittarius (Laugh at everything)

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Emotional