10 Exercises Will Rock Your Body

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Improve balance, strength, and function with lunges. These versatile exercises target your legs and glutes for a well-rounded workout


Maximize your workout with pushups. This classic bodyweight exercise engages multiple muscles for a powerful and efficient workout


Build strength and burn calories with squats. This compound exercise targets lower body muscles, enhances core stability, and improves flexibility

dumbbell presses

Maximize your workout with compound exercises like the standing overhead press. Strengthen shoulders, engage upper back, and challenge your core

Dumbbell rows

Get a killer back and upper body strength with dumbbell rows. Squeeze at the top and feel the burn. Perfect for that dress

Single-leg deadlifts

Challenge balance with single-leg deadlifts. Strengthen legs and improve stability. Grab a dumbbell for added intensity


Hate-to-love burpees: Effective whole-body exercise for cardio and strength. Maximum results in minimal time

Side planks

healthy body. Don't skip side planks! Mind-muscle connection and control are key for effective execution


Target abs and stabilize your core with planks. No strain on the back like sit-ups or crunches. Whole-body workout in one exercise

Glute bridge

Perk up your booty and strengthen your posterior chain with the glute bridge. It's a great exercise for a toned and lifted backside

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