10 Of The World’s Best Horse Breeds

Irish Thoroughbred

Elegance, endurance, and speed. Perfecting the breed for 250 years. Winners in the horse kingdom. Fascinating

Andalusian Horse

Beautiful, loyal Andalusian horses. Majestic rides in Andalucia. Improve equestrian skills, enjoy trail rides. Tailor-made holidays with Equestrian Escapes

Hackney Horse

Elegant, hi-steppers. Most beautiful breed. Skilful training for fine action. Ready for racing after 12-13 weeks

Orlov Trotter

Orlov Trotter: Enduring, fast, fierce. Symbol of Russian royalty. Historic wins in famous competitions. King of the track since 19th century.

Morgan Horse

Graceful, versatile Morgan horse. Rich history, exceptional heritage. Legendary since the late 1700s. Ideal riding companion.

Andalusian Horse

Beautiful, loyal horses with big hearts. Generous and selfless. "Ay, the Marianas of the Donada, where I want to live and die..."

Irish Thoroughbred

Irish Thoroughbreds: Perfected breed for 250 years. Stamina, speed, elegance. Winners of the horse kingdom. Fascinating!

Carolina Marsh Tucky

Versatile, resilient horse breed for winter woods. Survivors with larger feet, gracious heads. Ideal for ploughing, riding, and town trips.

Arabian Horse

Champion desert horse. Strength, beauty, athleticism. Affectionate, smart, versatile. White Arabians, wisdom and flying in the winds.

Friesian Horse

Friesian breed: Rescued from near extinction. Special character, gentle nature. Beautiful with fantastic bodies. Popular for sport, leisure, shows.