10 Reasons to Get More Sleep

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May help you maintain or lose weight

Lack of sleep links to obesity: less sleep increases appetite, leading to higher calorie intake, especially sugary and fatty foods.

Enhanced focus, productivity

Quality sleep boosts problem-solving, memory. Poor sleep hampers brain function, decision making.

Can maximize athletic performance

Adequate sleep enhances athletic performance, boosts physical abilities.

May strengthen your heart

Insufficient sleep (<7 hrs/night) raises heart disease, high blood pressure risk.

Affects sugar metabolism and type 2 diabetes risk

Chronic sleep deprivation tied to increased type 2 diabetes risk.

Poor sleep is linked to depression

Poor sleep patterns strongly tied to depression, especially with sleep disorders.

Supports a healthy immune system

7+ hours of sleep enhances immune function, fights colds. It may boost COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, but more research required.

Poor sleep is linked to increased inflammation

Sleep disturbance heightens inflammation, raising risk of chronic conditions: heart disease, depression, Alzheimer's.

Affects emotions and social interactions

Lack of sleep impairs social skills, emotional processing.

Lack of sleep can be dangerous

Severe sleep deprivation ups accident risk, impairs decision-making.