10 self-care tips for a relaxing weekend

Blue Rings

Saturday Book Club

Original social media. Read, relax, engage, connect. Enjoy community, time with fellow readers. Saturdays

Rearrange & Reflect.

Reorganizing, purging, finding old photos, creating new spaces. Life-giving, restful. Tips for organizing your life


Listen to inspiring podcasts

Podcast catch-up + outdoor activity = Mind and body inspiration

Learn & Grow.

New hobbies change your brain, tap into unexplored parts. Acquire skills, go at your pace. Choose hobby, get gear, find community. Personal growth & development

Visit an art gallery

Escape bubbles, experience new perspectives. Be present, enjoy art. Mental health day, self-care Saturday.

Plan a spa day

Relax, indulge, learn self-care rituals. Massage, facials, masks, aromatherapy

Spend 30 minutes organizing

Tidy home, calm mind. 15 min kitchen, 15 min bedroom. Declutter, organize, relieve stress. Self-care for a calm week

Relaxing Soak.

Hydrate & Unwind: Hot bath, relax, improve health. Reduce stress, prioritize self-care

Coloring Therapy.

Reduce anxiety, boost creativity. Print pages, grab pencils/markers. Enjoy coloring for self-care.

Farmers' Market Visit.

Differentiation, impact, service, hospitality, anticipating needs, turning negatives into positives. Ideal for frontline staff