12 Telltale Indications That a Girl Likes You

If she keeps pushing for alone time with you, it's a sign she's interested. Spending one-on-one time strengthens the bond, says relationship coach.

#1 She wants to be with you

Open body language signals interest - touch and intimacy escalation. Nonverbal cues like leaning forward confirm attraction, per research.

#2 She touches first

Women show interest in other ways besides touch. Eye contact shows interest in a connection. People flirt differently.

#3 She makes eye contact

Someone who ignores you for days doesn't like you. Responding promptly and enthusiastically are interested people. Communication can solve it.

#4 She texts frequently and swiftly

Her buddies should meet you. Women bring potential partners to friends more than men. Touch, eye contact, and hand-holding are nonverbal.

#5 You should meet her buddies

If a girl takes an interest in your hobbies, she might be interested in you. But ensure it's genuine effort, not manipulation, says Dr. Tara.

#6 She's interested in things you like

It's flattering if a female Googles you, but don't go overboard. She may be checking out your hobbies or travels.

#7 She knows your secrets

Remembering details from intimate conversations shows effort and interest. It's a great quality in a romantic partner, says Dr. Tara.

#8 She recalls past chats

If she laughs at your bad jokes, she's trying to make you feel good. If they're really bad and she's still laughing, she's flirting with you.

#9 She laughs at your worst jokes

Distractions make paying attention difficult, but if she's focused on you, it's a good sign of "intentional romantic interest," says Dr. Tara.

#10 She focuses on you

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