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10 Valuable tips to move on from a past relationship

Letting go of an ex requires effort and retraining thoughts.  Fantasizing about a happy future, taking responsibility for thoughts and behavior is crucial.

Accept a breakup

Letting go of a past relationship is tough, but empowering.  It teaches lessons, encourages growth and self-care. Learn to move on with acceptance.

Exiting a relationship

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Accept That the Relationship Has Come to an End

Acceptance is key to letting go of a past relationship.  Practice mindfulness and seek comfort in hobbies, friends, and favorite places.

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Accept your feelings

Allow yourself time to process and tag your feelings.  Cry, scream or shout if you need to. Accept your emotions and know that pain is temporary.


Give yourself time to grieve and heal from past relationships. Seek help if needed. Remember, healing is a process, not an overnight fix.

Take time to process the grief

Revenge only brings more harm. Don't waste time and energy trying to hurt your ex.  Move on and avoid obsessively following them online or in real life.

Don’t make plans for revenge

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Avoid becoming "friends" after a breakup

Moving on from past mistakes requires time and space. Pushing for friendship too soon after a breakup may not be helpful.  Remember to prioritize your own healing and well-being.

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Stop seeing your ex

Rekindling an old relationship for intimacy may be tempting, but it's a dead-end.  Allow yourself to move on, make space for new love, and heal.


Reconnect with yourself post-breakup. Refocus your energy, do what you love, make goals, volunteer, and prioritize self-love. Attract real relationships.

Re-love your life

Don't rush into a new relationship after a breakup. Using others as a rebound won't heal your broken heart. Give yourself time to move on and heal.

Don’t hurry into another relationship

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