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10 ways to introduce a new pet to your household

Start with a separate room: Allow your new pet to acclimate in a separate room away from other pets.


Use scent swapping: Swap the pets' bedding, toys, or blankets to introduce them to each other's scent.


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Slowly introduce them: Gradually introduce the pets by allowing them to sniff each other through a baby gate or a pet carrier.

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Supervision is key: Always supervise their interactions, especially in the beginning. Ensure that they dont get scared and attack anyone.


Don't force interaction: Let the pets take their time to get comfortable with each other. Give the pet its own time to interact.


Treats help: Use treats to reward positive interactions and behavior. Give your pet a wonderful treat for every milestone reached.


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Provide enough resources: Ensure that each pet has their own food bowls, water bowls, and beds.Ensure that everything is clean.

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Take them on walks together: Take your dogs on a walk together to encourage bonding and companionship.


Socialization: Socialize your new pet with other pets and people to help them adjust better.


consult a professional: Consult a professional trainer or behaviorist if necessary. They have the experience to train pets.


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