11 Graphic Design Tips to Create Images


Intentional alignment in graphic design matters. Avoid minor errors in spacing and placement. Create pro-level images with evenly spaced elements.

Be Intentional About Alignment

Include Icons & Logos to Get Your Point Across

Strategically place icons and logos in your branded graphics. Ensure readability, breathing room, and coherence within the design. Icons enhance tips, quotes, and infographics while emojis add a relatable touch.

Leverage Contrasting Colors to Draw Focus

Contrasting colors draw focus and ensure aesthetics and accessibility. Use Adobe Color tool for brand palette selection with proper contrast. It now includes a Contrast Checker for WCAG-compliant accessible palettes and addresses color blindness

Don’t Forget the Negative Space

Avoid overcrowding designs with excessive text, icons, logos, and stock images. Negative space, or free space, is crucial for creating clear information groupings. It prevents visual clutter and enhances readability.

Minimize Font Selection

Choose clean, legible fonts that contrast well with the background. If readability is an issue, use solid shapes as text containers. Simplify font selection for effective design

Consider Your Branded Colors & Aesthetic

Align graphics with branded colors, aesthetic, and fonts for consistency. Maintain a cohesive online presence reflecting your overall branding. See Wordable for a consistent brand aesthetic.

Use Lines or Boxes to Keep the Image Organized

Incorporate boxes, lines, or shapes to organize and break up elements in your designs. Use them strategically to create negative space and draw focus. Apply sparingly and align with your brand design.

Test Different Styles of Alignment

Alignment need not be centered in graphic design. Corner logos, asymmetrical text breaks add interest. Balance visual appeal and logical organization. Example: left-aligned text, right-aligned icon, centered within boundaries

Adjust The Opacity of Elements

Translucence or opacity adjustments enhance graphic design. Balancing readability and background visibility is crucial. Achieve contrast while maintaining professionalism and quality.

Remember Mobile

Don't neglect mobile optimization when designing brand images. Over 90% of internet users and 56.89% of internet traffic are on mobile. Ensure proper image sizing and legible text for mobile viewing