1st Date Lipstick Colors Recommended by Experts

Lisa Lawless says red lipstick represents the suffragette struggle and World War II women's empowerment.

Bold red

Red lipstick boosts facial contrast, providing a lively, attractive appearance, according to Alana McKenzie Page.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing red lipstick on a first date, consider something more understated, such a neutral lipstick or clear gloss.


nude lip exudes sophistication, making you appear more composed, approachable, and put together for your date.

Flirty and bold? Opt for pink lipstick. It gives a youthful, energetic look and showcases your playful side.

Soft pink

Lawless agrees, stating that pink complements various skin tones, exudes femininity, and has a psychologically calming and appealing effect.

The three-brown Kylie Jenner lip set sold out in minutes. Carr calls this color modest but evocative.

Chocolate brown

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, stylist, designer, and influencer, suggests chocolate brown for elegance. A bold color for a night out or special occasion.

Lipstick in a berry tone is a happy medium between the seriousness of red and the fun of pink.


Malarkey calls it dramatic and sultry. She feels it symbolizes confidence, empowerment, and enjoyment on a first date.

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