5 Relationship-Trouble Dreams by Therapists

Dreams of being cheated on may represent feeling left out in waking life.  It could also symbolize unresolved issues or projection of desires to be unfaithful.

1. Someone is cheating

Cheating dreams may symbolize worry, guilt, desertion, or new experiences. Dream feelings might help you resolve relationship troubles.

Dreaming about an ex can mean unresolved emotions or fear of history repeating. Past experiences may help us evaluate progress.

2. Your ex keeps making a cameo

Don't contact your ex, seek emotional resolution before sleep. Addressing feelings is important to move forward or heal from the past.

Dreaming of being in a car with your partner? Pay attention to who's driving, the car's condition, and how it's driving. Brakes failing signal negativity.

3. Cars

Lost or stolen car in your dream could mean a loss of direction, energy, or motivation in your relationship. Dreaming of a car crash could be a warning.

Two ships passing in the night... "A ship or boat in a dream can tell you a lot about your relationship," says Loewenberg.

4. Ships

She says a battleship indicates "too much fighting and conflict in the relationship," while a drifting ship indicates "in limbo rather than progressing."

Your relationship may end if your dream dog is sick, dying, or wounded.  Loewenberg says you're in a toxic relationship if the dog attacks you.

5. Cats and Dogs

She says an angry or attacking cat "could be a warning the physical side of the relationship is harmful OR that you may be angry about it for some reason."

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