5 Signs Your Partner Lacks "Emotional Intelligence"

How does your partner respond when you share your feelings? A lack of validation may indicate low emotional intelligence, says Marisa T. Cohen.

#1 They don't support you

Validating phrases like "I can understand why you'd feel that way" may not be used by a low EQ partner who struggles with empathy, says Candace Kotkin-De Carvalho.

Children lash out when upset; growing up includes learning to self-soothe. Uncontrollable outbursts might signal low emotional intelligence.

#2 They can't self-soothe

Low EQ may cause difficulty regulating emotions, leading to tantrums, aggression. Identify triggers, improve EQ through mindfulness.

Does your partner make off-color jokes, struggle with emotions, and respond inappropriately? It might be due to difficulty understanding others' emotions

#3 They behave in an insensitive way

They may cause embarrassment and get defensive when called out on their behavior, says Miller.

If your partner interrupts or seems distracted while talking, it may signal low emotional intelligence and disrespect for your feelings

#4 They're not a good listener

People with low EQ may dominate conversations, indicating a lack of self-awareness and empathy.

An emotionally inept partner may blame others for their conduct. Miller suggests a lack of understanding of their behavior's motivation and repercussions.

#5 They're always blame-shifting

Their failure to recognize their role in a situation could be due to difficulties in processing feelings of guilt and shame related to their misdeeds.

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