5 Times Therapists Say It's Ok to Lie to Your Partner

Mental health, economics, relationships, and experiences can be kept secret from your partner. David Tzall, licensed psychologist.

When you need privacy

"Lies" shouldn't deceive your companion. They're trading caps.  Therapists can help you understand shame over suppressing facts.

You don't have to tell your partner everything. Discussing hard topics with your partner may take time and trust.

When you might hurt their feelings

White lies rarely hurt. Amira For Her creator Amira Martin, LCSW-R, advises telling a white lie to avoid hurting your partner.

Omitting the truth in situations where it wouldn't benefit the partner and would spare their feelings can be acceptable, says Adler.

When you're protecting them

But it's important to ask yourself whether you're lying to protect your partner or yourself, as lying to protect yourself can be harmful.

You may need to lie to your partner to keep a friend's marital affair or family member's health condition a secret.

When you're maintaining confidentiality

Relationship specialist Laura Wasser advises weighing the danger of exposing the truth against the importance of honesty in your relationship.

Sometimes it's best not to reveal a surprise gift for your partner, as it can increase their joy. Keeping the secret can be beneficial

When you're planning a surprise

Asking yourself empathetic questions prevents difficult conversations in the future. Double standards can harm mutual trust in a relationship.

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