The Top 20 Social Media Apps and Sites in 2022

Facebook: Most popular social network with 2.9B users. Connect easily, buy/sell on Marketplace. Preferred over Craigslist.


Instagram: Popular image and video platform with 40% of US adults. Discover stunning photography, artwork, and Reels for original videos.


Twitter: Controversial platform with 280-character limit. Criticized for lack of reasoned debate and prevalence of fake bots.


LinkedIn: Professional networking site for CV building, job search, and networking. Offers courses for career development.


Snapchat: Youth-centric, self-destructing media platform with messaging and gamification. Learn to create filters for an enhanced experience.


Tumblr: Blend of social networking and blogging. Share text, photos, videos, and customize layout. Supports HTML editing and custom domains. Minors now safe.


Pinterest: Image bookmarking platform with GIFs/videos. Create boards, follow users, and find inspiration for DIY projects and creative ideas.


Sina Weibo: China's Twitter equivalent with 580M+ users. Popular despite heavy government censorship. Stay updated on Asia's happenings.

Sina Weibo

Reddit: Internet's hub for discussions, content, and upvoting. Diverse subreddits connect like-minded people with hilariously specific communities.


TikTok: Popular short-form video app, surpassing Vine. High demand, top downloads. Enjoyment but be cautious of security risks.


Meetup: Online platform connecting users to real-life events and groups. Find and join meetups based on shared interests.


XING: Popular European alternative to LinkedIn. Profiles, groups, events, forums, and community features. Advanced search available with paid subscription.