6 Most Dramatic Zodiac Sign Per Astrologers

Libra values balance and fairness, but can become irrational if not reciprocated.  They may create drama to achieve their goals. #astrology

6. Libra

According to astrologer Tara Bennet, Libras can exaggerate small problems and create drama to get what they want. 

Scorpios have a cool façade but can be set off easily.  Their intensity can cloud their viewpoint, and they're known for their melodramatic antics.

5. Scorpio

They exaggerate and blow things out of proportion, so reasoning with them is futile. Let the storm pass before bringing them back to rationality.

Aquarians are peaceful yet can explode when aroused. They're eccentric and hard to rile up.  Melodrama ensues if something crucial triggers them.

4. Aquarius

Reasoning with them calms them. Each zodiac sign is unique.  Avoid assumptions and seek to know people beyond their zodiac signs.

Cancers are stubborn. They obsess and try to solve everything, even if they can't.  These sensitive water signs often moody and melodramatic after betrayal.

3. Cancer

Cancers can magnify even the smallest mistake, according to Bennet. Avoid their dramatic reactions.

Aries wants exact orders. They're passionate and easily enraged, causing rifts. Bennet says they're exaggerated.

2. Aries

Their bossiness is notorious. Aries is passionate and extreme, often slipping into melodrama to achieve their goals, says Bennet.

Leo is the most melodramatic sign, loves attention & exaggerates actions.  They hate coming in second and will go to any length to win back affection.

1. Leo

Leos feel on top of the world when in the spotlight, but less than gracious losers. Stay out of the crossfire when they're not.

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