Tips For Traveling with a Cat


Secure Your Cat in a Carrier

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Leave Mr. Whiskers in the Car

Thank you for sharing this important reminder about keeping cats safe in cars. It's crucial to remember that leaving a cat in a hot car, even for a few minutes, can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening.

Anxious Cat? Have a Chat With Your Vet

Speak to your vet about anxiety meds for your cat before traveling. They can advise if it's a good option based on your cat's health and anxiety levels.

Forget to Pack Some Cleaning Supplies

Pack cleaning supplies before traveling with a cat, in case of accidents. Cats can mark their territory when nervous, so be prepared with rags and odor-neutralizing solution.

Bring Your Cat's Usual Litter Box

Bring your cat's usual litter box when traveling. They can recognize their own scent, and this is where they will prefer to relieve themselves.

Put Your Cat With Their Arch-nemesis

When traveling with a cat and another animal they don't get along with, create space between them to prevent growling and hissing.

Pack Their Fave Blankie and Toys

Place familiar bedding, toys, and blankets in your cat's carrier when traveling to help keep them calm. Familiar scents can help reduce stress and make them feel more comfortable.

Open the Door Unless You Know Your Cat is Secure

Make sure your cat is completely secure before opening any doors while traveling. A stressed cat may try to escape, so take precautions to avoid chasing them down.

Bring Their Fave Treats

Pack your cat's favorite treats when traveling, in addition to food and water. Treats can help make the trip more enjoyable for your furry friend.

Forget to Pack Some Patience

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