Ant Species With Real Superpowers


Weaver Ants: The Origins of Superglue

Rebel weaver ants evolve, building tree leaf homes with silk glue. Innovative and unconventional.

Painful Bulldog Ants

Australian Bulldog ants: Aggressive and painful biters with powerful eyesight and high jumping ability. Watch out for their excruciating bites.

Punishing Dinosaur Ants

Dominant Dinosaur Ants: Large, reproductive workers suppress potential queens, subduing and restraining them for days to maintain the hierarchy.

Walking Refrigerator: Honeypot Ants

Nectar-Storing Marvels: Honeypot ants swell with food reserves, becoming living refrigerators sought after by various species, including humans.

Living Doors: Hodor Ants

Hodor Ants: Turtle ants with disk-shaped heads as living doors. They also possess gut bacteria aiding food digestion.

Pitcher-Plant Partners: Diving ants retrieve prey from carnivorous plant traps, aiding digestion and maintaining a symbiotic relationship.

Plunging Diving Ants

Amazonian Ambush: Allomerus ants cultivate trap-inducing fungus, ensnaring unsuspecting insects in their deadly grasp.

Masterful Trap-Making: Amazonian Ants

Explosive Defenders: Suicide ants sacrifice themselves with explosive mandibles, a devoted act to protect their colonies.

Exploding Suicide Ants

Sly Food Thieves: Parasite ants create diversions, pilfering from other colonies and infesting their queens.

Survival Thieves: Parasite Ants

Bloodthirsty Dracula Ants: Madagascar-based species feeds on larvae blood, practicing non-destructive cannibalism. Creepily unique.

Bloodsucking Dracula Ants

Resilient Invaders: Crazy ants from South America, now in Southern US, cover themselves in neutralizer, defying fire ants as formidable adversaries.

Acidic Antivenom: Crazy Ants' Erratic Defense