Apple launches fun new games 

Embark on an enchanting word game featuring Disney and Pixar characters. Challenge friends, solve crosswords, and claim the leaderboard in Isles of Tiles.

Disney SpellStruck 

Get ready for hilarious racing fun in WHAT THE CAR?, a comedic game from the creators of WHAT THE GOLF? and WHAT THE BAT?, where you control a wacky, ever-changing race car.


Build a sustainable city in Cityscapes: Sim Builder, a mobile game that challenges you to balance citizen needs and the environment for endless fun.


Chess Universe+: The ultimate chess game for beginners and experts. Play online or offline, improve your skills, and climb the leaderboard.

Chess Universe

Unleash your creativity with Disney Coloring: Customize and color beloved Disney characters, create 3D stickers, and unlock new pages for endless fun.

Disney Coloring

Embark on a magical vacation with Disney Puzzle Island. Match bubbles, restore islands, collect characters, and design in a charming Disney adventure.

Disney Getaway Blast

Experience the farming thrill! Harvest crops, care for animals, sell products, and expand your farm with realistic vehicles and tools in this immersive simulation game.

Farming Simulator 

Conquer a challenging mountain climb as a pot-bound hiker in this physics-based platformer. Every fall is a restart, but reaching the top brings transformation.

Getting Over 

Climb hills, perform tricks, upgrade vehicles in this physics-based driving game. Race uphill with various vehicles for endless fun.

Hill Climb Racing

Rule as a monarch, build kingdoms, defend against creatures in Kingdom Two Crowns+, a pixel art micro strategy game. Play solo or co-op locally or on mobile.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Lead heroes in epic sci-fi battles, train them, and adapt strategies in this real-time strategy adventure from the makers of Kingdom Rush.

Iron Marines