Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Movies

Blade Runner

In a futuristic society, artificial creatures called Replicants are developed. Blade runners hunt down rogue Replicants. A former officer tracks down four clones in Los Angeles.

Artificial Intelligence

In AI, a robotic boy named David longs to be loved by his human mother and become a real boy.


In the silent film Metropolis, a futuristic city is divided between the upper class and workers. A revolution ensues, and love blooms amidst the chaos.

Hobbs and Shaw

In Fast & Furious: Hob & Shaw, lawmen Hobbs and Shaw unite against a cyber-genetic villain endangering humanity's fate. Action and comedy collide.

The Matrix

In a future trapped in the Matrix, Neo, a programmer by day and hacker by night, discovers the truth about his reality with the help of Morpheus.


In the sci-fi film "Moon," astronaut Sam Bell's lunar mission takes a dark turn as he discovers he's not alone and his reality is shattered.

The Terminator

In the 1984 film "The Terminator," Arnold Schwarzenegger's character travels from the future to eliminate Linda Hamilton, but her unborn son holds the key to humanity's survival.

Wall E1.

In the film "Wall-E," the last robot on Earth cleans up garbage until a spaceship arrives with EVE, and their journey determines humanity's fate.


In the film, a man named Theodore falls in love with his new AI operating system, Samantha. Their relationship brings both joy and doubt.

Tron: Legacy

"Sam enters his father's digital world to stop a dangerous program from invading the real world in Tron: Legacy, a sci-fi action sequel."