Astrologers Identify Zodiac Sign with Biggest Personality

Scorpio is a big personality despite being mysterious and introverted. They have a serious presence, says astrologer Mikaela MacLean.


Scorpio's energy is immediately felt when they enter a room. Their aura speaks volumes and their facial expressions say it all.

Aquarius values individuality, enjoys unique ideas, and stands out from the crowd. They are confident in marching to their own beat.


Astrologer Ryan Marquardt notes Aquarius' eccentricity and unconventionality. They can be reserved, but once they open up, they're unforgettable.

Gemini's energetic, social nature creates an XXL personality with multiple sides, according to astrologer MacLean. They're always on the go and making connections.


Gemini's chameleon-like nature allows them to mimic any personality, leaving a lasting impression and contributing to their big personality, says Marquardt.

Aries, "Big Bang incarnate," ready to throw down. Confident, self-aware, unstoppable. Not for everyone, but impossible to ignore.


Bold and daring, Aries takes risks when others are afraid, setting them apart and making them noticed, according to Marquardt.

Sagittarius' personality reflects their ruling planet, Jupiter. They're adventurous, social, and love to party, according to astrologer MacLean.


Sagittarians make a lasting impression with their infectious energy. They fill a room with their presence and are noticeable when they leave, says Marquardt.

Leo loves attention, has a dramatic flair and the biggest personality. Ruled by the sun, their shine is blinding.


Leo's personality can evoke love or hate but it pierces you nonetheless, according to Marquardt.

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