Astrologers Insights: Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Seek Revenge

Rachel Clare, an astrologer, warns against underestimating Capricorns. Pride and self-confidence make them fierce career and self-worth guardians.


Clare says Capricorns use intellect rather than passion to avenge authority challenges, especially at business.

Libras may not seem vengeful, but they are quick to seek justice if they feel wronged in any way.


As the symbol of justice, Libras are a formidable force when it comes to restoring justice and getting revenge.

Leos crave attention and can become vengeful if their spotlight is stolen. They meticulously plan revenge when their ego feels threatened.


Being ruled by the Sun, Leos value their ego greatly. If someone damages their public image, they'll seek revenge relentlessly.

Beware the Cancers' Revenge: Beneath their nurturing facade, Cancers hold onto resentment and struggle to let go.


Controlled by the Moon's influence, Cancers' emotions fluctuate. When feeling mistreated, they may lash out and seek revenge.

An angry Taurus is someone to avoid. Their revenge is slow and deadly, warns Newman, the expert.


Taurus takes their time to make you pay if you wrong them. They won't show their anger, but they'll hold a grudge.

Scorpios are notorious for seeking revenge on their enemies. They harbor grudges and lash out at anyone in their path.


Scorpios are the most revengeful sign and will make sure their enemies suffer until they plead for forgiveness.

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