Astrologers List the Most Silliest Zodiac Sign

Taurus is unwittingly hilarious and has a knack for making others laugh. They like to laugh rather than tell jokes.

6. Taurus

Taurus lavishes money on oneself in order to maintain their happiness.  They don't mind if it appears ridiculous to others, and they adore luxury.

Libras have a vibrant and friendly spirit that instantly charms people.  They're outgoing, enjoy themselves, and aren't afraid to be foolish.

5. Libra

Libras enjoy entertaining and having a good time. They'll show off their moves, and their sense of humor will grow stronger as the night progresses.

Aries is a fun-loving sign with a captivating personality that attracts others.  They aren't scared to act foolish in order to make people relax.

4. Aries

These fire signs enjoy playing games and are unconcerned about what others think.  They're always up for a good time and aren't afraid to be silly.

Leo seeks attention and will wow you with his or her storytelling abilities.  They utilize comedy to make any circumstance more bearable.

3. Leo

Leos will do whatever to keep the attention on them, including pushing people away if they feel threatened. They enjoy taking chances and letting off steam.

Sagittarius is easygoing and enjoys new experiences. According to Bennet, they have an unusual ability to find humor in every situation.

2. Sagittarius

The sign's sense of humor is unrivaled, and making people laugh fulfills their inner kid. Sagittarius brings humor to difficult situations.

Geminis are playful and have a silly side. They are sharp thinkers, enjoy communication, and are the most ridiculous zodiac sign.

1. Gemini

They are unpredictable and can bring a smile to anyone's face.  Geminis are adept communicators who can readily change into silly to achieve their objectives.

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