Astrologers Lists the Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign

Taurus seeks love and commitment, and they frequently stay in relationships for longer than they should. They want to interact with other people.

#1 Taurus

Tauruses want their partners to enjoy life and provide comfort and stability. They're lonely and committed.

Scorpio hides emotions until trust is formed. Intense emotions and large feelings make them passionate, but not always controllable.

#2 Scorpio

Scorpios feel deeply in love and chase their desires with zeal. However, their obsession can lead to destructive behavior.

Leo adores everything, including themselves. They want someone to adore them, yet they may also fall in love.

#3 Leo

Leos idealize romance and are often captivated by desire. Be wary because they will battle for what they desire. Jill Loftis is a writer.

Cancers are emotional and do not conceal their emotions. You'll know if they like you, and they'll go to any length to keep you.

#4 Cancer

Water signs bond fast and nurture others. Separation may cause anxiety, and their infatuation may outlast the relationship.

Libras are ruled by Venus and have a passionate and fantasizing nature. They are constantly looking for their own love tale.

#5 Libra

Libras seek balance and harmony and see their spouses as a vehicle to that end. They may get consumed by the need to please others.

Pisces are hopeless romantics who fall in love quickly. They may go too far in their pursuit of love.

#6 Pisces

These water signs are prone to getting caught up in their emotions and fancies. They can become obsessed with love at first sight.

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