Astrologers Lists the Most Saddest Zodiac Sign

Tauruses are private, but change makes them melancholy. Because of their stubbornness, they hate boredom and fear change.


Ms. IGee, an astrology influencer, explains that Tauruses detest boredom and change, creating a challenging situation for them.

Virgos' practicality and overthinking nature often lead to emotional distress, as they tend to scrutinize and analyze everything.


The constant need to be one step ahead, studying and comparing themselves to others, can easily lead Virgos into sadness.

Libras strive for balance, but when their life feels imbalanced, they unravel emotionally, seeking harmony in work and relationships.


Libras need for control and fear of loneliness can contribute to their sadness as they suppress anger and sadness.

Due to their intense emotions, Scorpios are sometimes misinterpreted. They magnify tiny concerns into big ones.


Scorpios can be dramatic when upset, treating simple incidents as huge tragedies. When giving bad news, be sensitive.

Pisces, known for their empathy, often absorb and internalize the emotions of others, according to astrologer Liz Roby.


Their emotional nature makes them prone to crying easily, even during movies on planes, creating a tearful spectacle.

Cancer, the nurturing and sensitive zodiac sign, is often regarded as the saddest due to their deep emotional nature.


Their sensitivity might make them feel overwhelmed and depressed, especially when faced with difficult emotions or events.

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