Astrologers Lists Zodiac Sign Most Prone to Falling in Love

Libra's ruling planet Venus may suggest they prioritize love, but astrologer Alice Alta says this can hinder their ability to fall in love.


Libras may enter a relationship for the sake of it, not because they're in love. They must ensure it's for the right reasons before committing.

Aries falls hard in love but can quickly doubt their feelings, leading to relationship doubts and potential breakups. How can they maintain lasting love?


Aries should remember that love has its ups and downs and to be patient and avoid quick judgments during difficult times. They'll feel better.

Geminis' broad networks help them find love. They have many romantic options due to their unsettled feelings.


Geminis swiftly move on from partners when feelings wane. After a breakup, they embrace new opportunities in the world.

Romantic and nostalgic, Taurus falls deeply in love, repeating past satisfying experiences to create strong connections with their partners.


Taurus's relationships are reciprocal, with their partners being equally enamored and smitten by their affectionate nature.

Cancer is often associated with cozy home life and valuing relationships. They prioritize their partners and are deeply emotional.


Cancers are natural nurturers who comprehend emotions. They're easy to love and respect genuine relationships.

Pisces' willingness to help others makes them fall in love easily. Neptune-ruled water signs, they're easy to love.


In relationships, Pisces excels as a listener and nurturer, forming deep emotional connections highly valued by their partners.

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