Astrologers Lists Zodiac Signs That Stand You Up

Aquarius is independent and not interested in conforming. Their free-spirited nature makes commitment a challenge.

6. Aquarius

According to astrologist Emily Newman, Aquarius tends to detach quickly and may ghost after a few dates.

Cancers struggle with creating boundaries and can cancel plans to avoid conflict. They can easily be influenced by their surroundings.

5. Cancer

Represented by water, Cancers can feel deeply and may cancel plans or avoid commitment due to overwhelming emotions.

Sagittarius loves new experiences but may stand people up due to their constant need for activity.

4. Sagittarius

They are impulsive and may forget plans made earlier due to multiple projects, travel, or making new friends.

Taureans are reliable but prioritize their comfort over anything else, being ruled by Venus. They won't stand someone up.

3. Taurus

However, their stubbornness and prioritizing their desires can cause them to neglect obligations, preferring to stay in rather than go out.

Leos are self-assured fire signs who prioritize their wants and needs over anyone else's and don't like to stay in one place for long.

2. Leo

Inconsiderate tendencies may arise in Leos when a new opportunity arises, and they're willing to ditch plans without giving an explanation.

Geminis are flexible and curious, but struggle with commitment. Have a backup plan when making appointments with them.

1. Gemini

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are free-spirited and independent, often valuing their own desires over others' expectations.

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