Astrologers Reveal the Most Empathetic Zodiac Sign

Empathetic Aquarius: Astrologer Liz Roby says they empathize with oppressed people and act empathetically.


Aquarius conducts rallies, volunteers, and campaigns for office. They help friends in need despite their aloofness.

Leo: More than Meets the Eye in Empathy. Flashy and vibrant, Leo's empathetic side often goes unnoticed, according to astrologer Charette Vachon.


Sensitive Leo. Despite their focus, Leos love, especially close friends and family. Consult their pals.

Virgos are diligent and selfless. They'll do everything for friends, family, and even strangers.


Virgos are practical and help with several duties. You won't burden their compassionate nature.

Libra is favored. Berry says Libras are compassionate because they can see all sides. "Venus-ruled, they can be creative in helping with money and time."


This sign romanticizes helping. Berry believes their idealistic nature makes them want to help, especially in partnerships. They love assisting friends.

Not well? Cancer friend, call. Berry says cancers are friendly and calming. They understand hearts and heal naturally.


Cancer believes in helping people. Berry advises supporting family. They'll listen to your relationship problems all night and bring cookies the next.

Astrologer and tarot card reader Michele D. Tell calls Pisces a "dreamer" who expresses its deep thoughts. Neptune rules Pisces.


They'll understand your feelings if you describe a situation. They may even adopt those feelings. Ultimate empath.

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