Astrologers Reveal Zodiac Sign Prone to Cheating

Capricorn's practicality enables them to detach emotionally from cheating, says astrologer Tara Bennet. They can compartmentalize their life.


Capricorns seek hardworking partners. If not, all bets are off. With their tendency to work long hours, it's easier to keep secrets.

Pisces love of love makes them expect romantic relationships to mirror Titanic scenes and leads them to seek emotional fixes elsewhere.


Pisces may cheat emotionally in the quest for emotional security, but they are unlikely to cheat physically, according to Newman.

Leos crave attention and love being the center of attention. They want to be noticed and in the spotlight.


Leos enjoy the excitement of new encounters and can be magnetic, which can lead to wandering eyes and infidelity.

Libra craves balance and beauty in relationships, but can become fickle when something better comes along. They obsess over attractive partners.


As the sign of justice, Libra rationalizes their actions by feeling they deserve better treatment in a relationship.

Gemini's indecisiveness and social nature make them prone to cheating, according to astrologer Kirsten.


Geminis can be flaky and reluctant to commit, as it means choosing one person over other potential suitors.

Aries is the most likely zodiac sign to cheat due to their fiercely independent nature and desire for exploration.


Aries quick temper and need for attention and appreciation make them susceptible to infidelity, according to astrologer Newman.

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