Astrologers Revealed Most Erratic Zodiac Sign

Geminis struggle with commitments and stability due to their impulsive personality and dual nature, says astrologer Tara Bennet.


Bennet notes that Geminis' erratic behavior and need for constant stimulation can negatively impact their relationships with others.

Sagittarius seeks to forge their own path, constantly searching for new experiences to live life to the fullest.


These fire signs are unpredictable and have a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants philosophy, which can seem erratic to others.

Libras struggle with decision-making and constantly weigh pros and cons, frustrating themselves and others. They prefer going with the flow and making others happy.


People-pleasing Libras struggle to prioritize their own needs, often going back and forth on decisions due to external influences.

Scorpios emotions can be erratic due to their ruling planet, Mars. They can switch on and off easily.


As water signs, Scorpios feel things intensely and can be destructive when overwhelmed. However, they can also be friendly.

Ruled by the moon, the erratic behavior of Cancerians is fueled by deep emotions that change every 2.5 days.


Cancerians' mood swings can be unpredictable and overwhelming, but they crave reciprocal care to balance their nurturing tendencies.

Aries is impulsive, passionate, and erratic. They prefer doing things their way and tend to be insensitive to others' opinions.


Aries fiery energy keeps them constantly moving, making it challenging to keep up with them. They become exhausted as quickly as they get fired up.

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