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Imagination and enthusiasm are heightened

EE enhances learning by sparking imagination and boosting engagement, leading to improved academic achievement.

Learning transcends the classroom

EE fosters real-world connections, linking social, ecological, economic, cultural, and political issues for experiential learning beyond the classroom.

Critical and creative thinking

EE promotes critical thinking, research, and decision-making on environmental issues, cultivating informed individuals for future roles in society.


EE cultivates open-mindedness by exploring diverse perspectives and cultures, fostering tolerance and a holistic understanding of complex issues.

State and national learning

EE integrates multiple subjects, satisfies academic standards, and provides interdisciplinary learning by incorporating nature as a backdrop for rich, cross-curricular lessons.

Biophobia and nature

EE nurtures environmental sensitivity, appreciation, and fun through outdoor learning, combating "nature deficit disorder" in students.

Healthy lifestyles are encouraged

EE promotes outdoor activity, addressing health issues like obesity, ADHD, and depression, while emphasizing nutrition and reducing stress through nature immersion.

Communities are strengthened

EE fosters community involvement, connecting students to experts, donors, and volunteers to address local environmental issues together.

Responsible action

EE empowers students to understand environmental impact, acquire skills, and take action for a sustainable future through service-learning programs with grants and resources.

Students and teachers are empowered

EE fosters active learning, citizenship, leadership, and teacher development, empowering students to make a difference and encouraging curriculum integration.

Outdoor Education Teacher

EE blends outdoor and classroom learning, with guest speakers bridging science principles with real-world application. However, challenges exist regarding consensus on core concepts and defining important environmental issues.