Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

American Shorthair

American Shorthair: Easygoing, loves human company. Apartment-friendly if social needs met. Entertains itself with toys, enjoys window-watching.


Birman: Sweet and gentle lap cat. Doesn't need much space, loves being with humans. Playful, enjoys chasing with other pets. Size of home doesn't matter.

British shorthair

British Shorthair: Adaptable and apartment-friendly. Laid-back and quiet, enjoys lounging. Likes interactive play for mental and physical stimulation. Food puzzles for entertainment, mindful of overfeeding.


Burmese: Sweet and cuddly, craves constant company. Athletic, needs cat trees for jumping. Home size doesn't matter with consistent attention.


Exotic: Shorthaired Persians. Calm, affectionate. Moderate activity level. Enjoys lap and plush cushion. Plays with cat toys for energy release.

Maine coon

Maine Coon: Gentle giant, easygoing and friendly. Enjoys socializing but not demanding. Self-entertaining with toys and window views. Leash walks for exercise and enrichment.


Persians: Gentle and serene, love rest and relaxation. Lap lovers, not fond of climbing. Ideal for small homes. Enjoy human company, content being alone.


Ragdolls: Ultimate lap cats, go limp when held. Moderate energy level, adaptable to different living situations. Playful, enjoy following humans around.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue: Affectionate yet independent. Enjoys alone time in sunny spots. Quiet, reserved, and moderate energy level. Playful with toys, observant from high perches.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold: Friendly and calm. Adapts well to apartments. Enjoys being involved in activities. Loves playing fetch. Food puzzles for clever, inquisitive nature.