Best Rare and Unique Dog Breeds

American English Coonhound

American English coonhound: descended from English foxhounds, bred for raccoon hunting. Intense hunters, thrive in packs.

Australian Kelpie

Energetic Australian herding dog: intelligent, eager to please, tireless worker


Ancient West African sighthound: Azawakh. Speedy, independent, intelligent, loyal. Reserved in showing affection compared to other breeds.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Italian Bergamasco sheepdog: striking coat forms mats, low maintenance. Independent, wary of strangers.

f 1 Biewer Terrier

Pronounced "beaver" the Biewer terrier is a toy dog that lives to love its family. These playful, affectionate canines get along with just about everyone, including other household pets.

Canaan Dog

Ancient Israeli breed: Canaan dog. Herder, property guardian. Smart, vigilant, athletic. Ideal for dog sports and mental stimulation.

Cesky Terrier

Cesky terriers: Bohemian origin. Playful, moderately energetic. Good for various households. Alert, protective, not overly defensive.

Estrela Mountain Dog

Portuguese herding dog: intense devotion, affectionate. Bonds closely with one person. Fairly calm, playful. Requires regular exercise for health and happiness.

Kai Ken

Japanese hunting dog: Kai Ken. Intelligent, devoted, affectionate with family. Suspicious of strangers. Good watchdogs. Regular exercise prevents boredom


Hungarian Komondor: large, protective corded coat. Originally a sheep guardian. Powerful, brave, but defensive, independent, and stubborn