Best Types of Flowers to Plant

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Loved for: Long-lasting, attractive blooms and pollinator attraction. Lesser-known, yet a cherished perennial in cottage gardens.


Loved for: Striking tall, globe-shaped flowers (some hand-sized!). Rodent-resistant bulbs for a beautiful spring garden.


Loved for: Non-stop, bright-colored blooms in cascading or upright forms. Ideal for beds, window boxes, and pots. Also known as summer snapdragon.

Balloon Flower

Midsummer. Loved for: Weeks-long, brilliant blue, purple, or pink blooms. Admire the charming balloon-shaped buds of this perennial in your garden!


Spring through summer (some types year-round). Loved for: Diverse shapes and colors, continuous blooming without deadheading. Low-maintenance, perfect annual for any garden!

Black-eyed Susan

Loved for: Drought tolerance, weeks-long blooming, and brightening your day. Low-maintenance perennial choice for your garden.

Butterfly Bush

Abundance of spikey pink, purple, or white flowers on a fast-growing shrub. Attracts butterflies. Non-invasive newer varieties.


Leaves retain color from spring to frost. Loved for: Stunning heart-shaped leaves bring style to shaded gardens where flowers may not thrive.


Loved for: Easy growth from seed. Vibrant orange or yellow petals create stunning contrast with blue or purple flowers.


Adorable annuals, also known as million bells. Abundant blooms in various colors, including multi-colored pinwheels. Perfect for hanging baskets with their spilling habit.


Low-maintenance perennial with silvery foliage and long-lasting blooms. Attracts pollinators for weeks. Drought-tolerant and thrives on slopes.


Tough, drought-tolerant perennials. Echinacea (coneflower) offers vibrant colors ranging from lime green to hot pink and deep red.


Early emergence, even in snowy conditions. Plant in fall for perennial blooms that return yearly.


Hardy daylilies thrive when other plants struggle. Varied heights, vibrant colors. Multiply and easily divide for replanting.