Black Zodiac – Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Never satisfied, driven by greed. Impulsive, impatient, and immature in decision-making. Self-centered pursuit, regardless of others' opinions.

The Tyrant Aries 

Taurus: Haunted by failures, focused on materialism. Possessive nature hinders sharing and invites challenges. Black Zodiac suits Taurus best.

The Fallen Demon Taurus

Dangerous and feared, Black Zodiac suits those prone to cruelty. Provocation unleashes their true enmity. Beware the hydra within.

The Hydra Gemini

Cancer: Cunning and manipulative. Moody and self-centered. Be cautious, as the serpent's bite may exploit or betray your trust.

The Serpent Cancer

Leo: Puzzling and contradictory. Crave attention, charming yet manipulative. Be cautious of their smart tactics and self-centered nature.

The War Maiden Leo

Virgo: Dangerous and possessive, judgmental and harsh. Jealousy may lead to harm. Dramatic and controlling, making situations complex if not in their favor.

The Maelstrom Virgo

Libra: Ravenous and energetic. Harsh motivation, selfish tendencies. Workaholic with a broad perspective. Strives to make others happy, sometimes at the cost of their own values.

The Ravenous Libra

Scorpio: The Poisoned Dart. Manipulative and deadly. Overreacts with a bad temper. Avoid arguments, wait for them to calm down.

The Poisoned Dart Scorpio

Sagittarius: The Tempest. Carefree and wild, desires above all. Honest but can be hurtful. Seen as rude, know-it-alls. Self-righteous tendencies.

The Tempest Sagittarius