Breed Of Cats



The Persian is a popular and ancient breed of cat with a unique appearance, including a round head, short face, chubby cheeks, rounded ears, and big eyes.



Maine Coon

The Maine Coon, a native New England breed, was a popular farm and ship cat. They have a good nature, adapt well, and are skilled mousers, keeping homes rodent-free.



Ragdolls are smart and learn tricks and good habits easily. They were developed in the 1960s, love people, and enjoy cuddling. 


The Siamese cat is the pinnacle of sophistication as they look like they are all dressed up for a masquerade ball. If you live in an apartment or house that doesn’t allow for pets good luck .



Scottish fold cats: Sweet and loving with unique folded ears. Easy-going and friendly with people and pets. Playful and attached to their family.

Scottish Fold Cats


American Shorthair cats: "America's breed" with even temperament and gentle nature. Popular choice for families with children and other pets

American Shorthair Cats


Abyssinians are active, intelligent, and playful cats. Known as "Abby Grabby," they love climbing, jumping, and playing. Have plenty of toys ready for this entertaining and engaging breed.



Tonk cats are very friendly, loving and active pets to have. While you may generally think of cats as being independent and aloof, you definitely haven’t met a Tonk before.



The Russian Blue is elegant, gentle and quiet breed that loves to play. They love to climb and jump up to high places where they can watch over their humans and study them from afar.

Russian Blue


Bengals are the athletes of cat breeds being agile, graceful, strong with a very muscular body. They are high active and intelligent which means it is common for them to pick up a number of tricks and games.



Ragdoll cats: Large, affectionate breed known for going limp in arms. Dog-like personality, friendly with children and pets.

Ragdoll Cats


Ragdolls seek human companionship, follow people around, good with kids and pets. Can learn tricks like dogs.

Ragdoll Cats