Caution: These 10 Zodiacs Can Be Deadly!

Capricorn is the most dangerous zodiac sign due to their cold, patient, and ambitious nature. 60 serial killers have been Capricorns.

#1 Capricorn

Scorpio is 2nd most dangerous zodiac sign, known for envy, possessiveness, jealousy, and manipulation. They sting when hurt or threatened.

#2 Scorpio

Leos are one of the 10 most hazardous zodiac signs due to their assertiveness and self-centeredness. If they don't get their way, they snap.

#3 Leo

Aries ranks 4th on the top 10 dangerous zodiac signs list due to their sudden, aggressive, and competitive nature, especially males.

#4 Aries

Gemini is one of the top 5 most dangerous zodiac signs when angry due to their dual-natured character and manipulative tendencies.

#5 Gemini

Pisces zodiac people are not harmless; they're sympathetic but easily exploited, emotional, and hold grudges.

#6 Pisces

Libra's dual nature and love for balance can make them dangerous. They avoid arguments and can manipulate people.

#7 Libra

Aquarius zodiac is considered dangerous due to their self-reliant and quirky nature. They care about making the world better but can seem unfriendly.

#8 Aquarius

Virgos are the 9th most dangerous zodiac sign due to their critical, honest, and selective nature, but not intentionally.

#9 Virgo

Sagittarius zodiac can be dangerous due to their aggressive mood, unforgiving nature, and blunt comments.

#10 Sagittarius

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