Common Reasons for Divorce According to Therapists

Lack of clear communication and understanding in a relationship can lead to frustration and confusion in the long run.

Lack of premarital planning

Neglecting to discuss fundamental aspects before marriage, such as religious differences, goals, and values, can contribute to divorce.

Money problems can contribute to divorce, adding to the already difficult task of communication in relationships.

Financial difficulties

Unequal incomes, different spending habits, and lack of financial planning can lead to stress in marriages, along with debt and financial woes.

Cheating is a common cause of divorce, breaking initial trust and leading to relationship failure.


Infidelity causes betrayal and mistrust, hindering rebuilding of relationships even with counseling, says Hartman.

Addiction strains marriages and causes emotional toll. It's a common reason for marriages to end, says therapist Hartman.

Addiction or substance abuse

Substance abuse impairs judgment, leaving partners feeling neglected and taken advantage of, leading to communication breakdowns.

Ineffective communication can lead to bigger issues and resentment in a marriage, making it hard to sustain the relationship.

Communication problems

Hectic lifestyles, conflicting responsibilities, and apathy towards the relationship can make it difficult to engage in open and honest dialogue.

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