Couple Behaviors That Make Others Uncomfortable

When you commit to a relationship, others are also considering that commitment, and breaking it publicly can cause confusion.

Flirting with a non-partner

Relationship coach Nancy Landrum says it's uncomfortable for others to see someone in a relationship flirting with others.

Avoid oversharing about your relationship as it can come off as bragging. Be considerate of others' feelings, says Jennifer Kelman, a licensed psychotherapist.

Oversharing regarding your relationship

Don't monopolize conversations by only talking about your kids or relationship. Be interested in others' lives and sensitive to their feelings, advises Kelman.

Landrum advises against displaying emotionally heightened disagreements in public and suggests seeking help if it's a frequent experience.

Fighting in public

Kelman warns against fighting in front of friends, as it can make them uncomfortable and put them in an awkward position.

Discomfort in a relationship can be caused even without full-out fighting with your significant other.

Making jokes at each others

Putting your partner down in front of others, even if it's a "joke," can make everyone feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Overdoing PDA can make couples unbearable to be around, says Kelman. It's a common mistake many make.

Packing in the PDA

It may make people uncomfortable or tap into their insecurities and feelings about their own relationships and intimacy, explains Kelman.

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