Dance Styles Explained: From Ballet to Hip-Hop"

Yellow Dots


Ballet: Rigorous, foundational dance style. Technique, coordination, and musicality. Tutus, pointe shoes, and orchestral music.


Tap Dance: Musical feet, percussive shoes. Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap styles. Fosters rhythm and turns feet into instruments.


Jazz Dance: Energetic, boundary-breaking style. Influenced by various dance forms. Upbeat music, cool choreography. Popular and versatile.


Modern Dance: Rebellion against ballet. Raw expression, connection to the floor. Variety of shoes. Linked to ballet in technique and musicality.


Lyrical Dance: Ballet, jazz, and modern merged. Expressive movement, emotions conveyed. Popular songs with deeper feelings. Protective shoes, expressive nature.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop: Edgy, intense street dance. Popping, locking, crumping. Rap, urban music. Funky sneakers. Freestyle, personal expression. Innovative and exciting.


Contemporary dance: Ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical. Innovative, non-traditional. Versatile music, costumes. Lyrical shoes, barefoot. Fusion of styles, freedom.

Highland Dancing

Highland dance: Scottish tradition. Stamina, strength. Not Irish dance. Ghillies shoes. Highlanders' art.

Line Dancing

Line dancing: Social solo dance to country music. Repeated steps. Cowboy boots for men, heels or Cuban heel shoes for women. Fun and inclusive!

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing: Originated in Ireland. Performance and social dances. Rapid leg and foot movements. Soft and hard shoes. Intricate costumes.