Dating Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Relationships

Michael Ostler warns against rushing a relationship. Psychotherapist Carolyn Rubenstein advises building a foundation to avoid future issues.

You're trying to move too fast

"Coming on too strong" can easily derail a relationship. Showing interest is important, but being overbearing may turn your partner off.

You're coming on too strong

Don't talk too much about yourself in a relationship; it can make your partner feel left out and resentful. Ask questions and listen.

You're making everything about

Focusing too much on the negative in conversations can overwhelm your partner and ruin a relationship, says therapist, Ostler.

You're too focused on the negative

Authenticity is crucial for long-term relationships. Pretending to be someone else is a recipe for disaster, says therapist Rubenstein.

You're not being yourself

Don't expect perfection from your partner. We all make mistakes and it's important to remember that we're only human.

Expecting perfection

Avoiding problems in a relationship only leads to bigger conflicts later; communication is vital and shouldn't be neglected.

Avoiding confrontation

Avoid arguing about everything. Consider all your partner's issues and whether they're deal breakers or whether you can work over them.

Fighting about everything

Money's hard. You're diverse. If one person is rich and the other poor, spending money may generate strife. In a serious relationship, talk about money.

Not talking about money

Control difficulties or personal peeves can make us micromanage our relationship. Treating kids like adults involves respecting their autonomy and not criticizing them.

Controlling our partner

Keeping communication open is crucial in a relationship. Avoid intentionally keeping major secrets and share them when you feel guilty for not telling them.

Secrets from your partner

Sharing interests is great, but differing core values like religion, morality, and priorities can cause problems. Discuss them before moving forward.

Ignoring core value differences

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