Decoding Deception: 6 Revealing Body Language Signs

Feet can reveal signs of lying as they are farther from the brain and less controlled, explains psychotherapist James Miller.

Their feet are positioned in a particular way

Excessive foot movement, tapping, or feet pointing away can indicate distraction, dishonesty, or a desire to escape.

Rachel Eddins, LPC warns against fidgeting and restlessness. Swaying, restless legs, or feet can imply dishonesty.

They can't seem to stand still

Eddins suggests that constant foot movement and a desire to quit the conversation indicate discomfort and lying. Lying uneasy causes swaying.

Look out for fidgeting related to appearance, like adjusting clothing, as it can be a sign of lying, warns attorney David Clark.

AriesThey are fidgeting with their appearance

Other common appearance adjustments indicating deception include excessive sweating and fussing with long hair, says Clark.

Eye contact avoidance indicates guilt and deception, according to Clark. It's a sign of lying and reducing guilt.

They can't make eye contact

Pay attention to eye direction. Looking up to the left accesses memory, while looking up to the right suggests creating a lie.

Lying causes crossed arms and legs, indicating pain. Joni Ogle says free body language shows confidence and honesty.

Their body appears more tense

According to Touch Casino, tension causes shoulders to roll forward and upward, reducing the distance from ear to shoulder.

Closed-off body language during lying includes crossed arms or legs and increased tension shown through pursed lips.

They are hiding their mouth

Dishonest individuals may physically hide themselves by covering their mouth to conceal their deception.

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