Definition Types of Bridal Makeup look


HD Makeup for Brides

HD makeup: Overcame challenges posed by HD cameras, provides natural look, removes imperfections without blurring, long-lasting for weddings.

Airbrush Makeup for Brides

Airbrush makeup: Sprayed using a machine, provides flawless finish, water-resistant, unpretentious look, polished effect for brides with good skin.

Mineral Makeup for Brides

Mineral makeup: Natural, radiant glow, no dyes or synthetic chemicals, pigmented and long-lasting, suitable for acne-prone and mature skin.

Natural Makeup for Brides

Natural makeup: Enhances features, minimal and sheer, quick application, focuses on skin, eyes, and lips, perfect for brides who want to feel like themselves.

High Shine Makeup for Brides

High Shine Makeup: Glossy and shiny, liquid cosmetics, highlighter, silver/champagne for fair skin, bronze/gold/copper for darker skin, illuminator, glitter for a razzle-dazzle look.

Matte Makeup for Brides

Ideal for oily skin, removes oil, radiant and fresh look, velvety finish, mattifying products, subtle glow, smooth and beautiful for the wedding.

Bold Look Makeup for Brides

Bold wedding makeup: Dewy skin, glowing and shining, highlighter everywhere, enhances magical look, joyous inside out.

Pink/Peach Makeup for Brides

Peach makeup trend: Fresh and sassy, subtle pinky and twinkling, peach pink cheeks, messy hair locks, flower bun, amazing subtle glow.

Red – The Evergreen Bridal Makeup Look

Classic red bridal look: Timeless and stunning, bright red lips, light eye makeup, own the world on your D-Day with flaming looks.

No Makeup Look for Brides

Natural appearance, light base, eyes, and lips, complements outfit, perfect for those who prefer minimal makeup, slay it like a rockstar!