Different Types of Birds


Toucan: stunning bird, Ramphastidae family, 11.5-29" size, 130-680g. Short body, round tail, small wings, thick neck. Forest dweller, taste-sensitive.

King Fisher

Kingfisher: Alcedinidae family, also in Halcyonidae and Cerylidae. Large-headed, long bills, short legs, stubby tails. Tropical forest dwellers, fish eaters, nest in cavities.


Flexible wing angle maximizes efficiency. Found on all continents, weigh 5.4 g-184 g, measure 9 cm-25 cm. Nest glued with saliva. Incubation by both parents.


Psittaciformes, Psittacopasserae family. Subtropical/tropical. 372 species in 86 genera. Size: 3.5-40", mass: 2.25-56 oz. Live in flocks of 20-30 birds.


Trochilidae family. Smallest birds, 7.5-13 cm. Wings create humming sound. Can fly in all directions.


Columbidae family. 310 species, love symbols. Weight: 900 g-2.1 kg. Length: 55-70 cm (males), 13-15 cm (dwarfs


Bucerotidae family. Mass: 6.2 kg, length: 1 ft-3 ft 11 inches. 55 species. Omnivores. Clutches: 6-8 eggs. Males bring 24000 fruits. Eyelashes


diverse, terrestrial birds, dense vegetation, flightless molt, 5-10 eggs, parent dependency.


white wader, Thresiornithidae, 6 species, nests in trees/reeds, 3 eggs, feeds on fish/insects, colonies/flocks


Meropidae, 26 species, global distribution, insect predators, remove stingers, 2-9 eggs, burrow nests, parental care


Podicipedidae, diving birds, freshwater/sea, 22 species, fish diet, 1.7kg-120g, 23.5cm-71cm.

Guinea Fowl

Numididae, Africa native, dark plumage, 40-71cm, 700-1600g, insect diet, prized eggs, human prey