Different Types of Computer Keyboards Explained

Flexible Keyboard

"Portable silicone keyboards: water/dust-resistant, low maintenance. Perfect for people on the go, offering convenience and durability."

Ergonomic Keyboard

"Ergonomic keyboards reduce strain, prevent RSI. Angled design and wrist padding promote natural hand positioning for comfortable typing."

Gaming Keyboard

"Gaming keyboards offer comfort and customization. Ergonomic design, backlit keys, programmable options, and durable coating for optimal gaming."

Wireless Keyboard

"Wireless keyboards: cordless convenience. Connect via Bluetooth or WiFi for remote control. Affordable and widely accessible."

Internet Keyboard

"Multimedia and internet keyboards offer extra features. Volume control, media buttons, and shortcut keys for quick access to programs and web browsing."

Membrane Keyboard

"Membrane keyboards: flat, pressure-sensitive keys on a flexible surface. No space between keys, outlined symbols for easy typing."

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboards: software-based typing on touch screens. No physical keys needed. Common on laptops and tablets."

Laptop Keyboard

"Laptop keyboards: sleek chiclet style keys, modern design with volume control, on/off switches, brightness control, and cursor tracker."

Projection Keyboard

"Projection keyboard: Bluetooth-enabled device with laser projection, type on holograph keys, future technology."