Different Types Of Fashion Styles

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Parisian style

Embrace Parisian chic with a minimalistic, effortlessly cool style. Neutral tones, blazers, jeans, and delicate jewelry for a sophisticated yet laid-back look

Athleisure style

Comfortable gym staples meet laid-back style. Oversized pieces, biker shorts, sports bras, and fitness-inspired accessories for a trendy look.

Classic style

Timeless elegance with refined pieces. Jeans, blazers, neutral-toned accessories create a sophisticated look that transcends trends.

Streetwear style

casual fashion born from subcultures. Luxury makeovers, limited edition sneakers, artistically-inclined t-shirts, joggers.

Business Casual style

Relaxed yet professional style born in Silicon Valley. Blazers, slacks, blouses, flats. Smart, comfy-chic vibe for modern women.

Retro style

Embrace nostalgia with vintage-inspired looks. Revive Y2K trends like low-waisted jeans and butterfly clips for a playful style statement.

Minimalist style

Strive for simplicity and functionality. Create a small, versatile wardrobe with essential pieces like turtlenecks, jeans, sweaters, and blazers. Embrace minimalism as a counter to consumerism

Vintage style

From 20s flapper dresses to 90s flannel shirts, mix and match retro pieces with modern elements for a unique style statement. No rules, just nostalgia.


Thrift-store finds, oversized silhouettes, ripped jeans, flannel shirts. Embrace comfort, clunky boots, chokers, and hoop earrings

Chic style

Jazz variation, evolved with swing music. Fast, rigorous movements. Lindy Charleston, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Balboa. Accompanied by Big Band musicians

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