Different types of watches

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Analog Watches

Analog men's watches: timeless, classic, and sophisticated. Simple dial, hour/minute hands, and optional seconds. Professional and elegant.

Digital Watches

Digital watches: stylish and precise. No hour hands, just flashing digits. Powered by electricity for quick and reliable timekeeping.

Smart Watch

Luxurious and functional, smartwatches redefine style with convenience and messaging. A status symbol that adds value. Pair with shirts for parties, analog/digital for formals.


Dress Watches

Elegant dress watches elevate formal attire. Delicate heirlooms for special occasions. Perfectly complement your ensemble.

Quartz Watches

Durable and accurate quartz watches: popular, affordable, and stylish.

Field Watch

Field watches: precise, sturdy, military-grade. Combat-tested reputation. Bold, white digits, anti-glare dial. Rugged stainless steel, canvas/leather straps. Must-have classic accessory.

Chronograph Watch

Chronograph watches: distinct layout, stopwatch feature. Perfect for competition. Stylish and multi-functional. Choose based on your needs.

Swiss Watches

timeless quality, superior craftsmanship. Last a lifetime. Hypoallergenic, excellent sound.

Pilots Watch

custom-designed for aviation needs. Chronometer and tachymeter dials aid pilots. Larger crown for easy reading.

Tactile Watches

Watches for the visually impaired: Braille and tactile designs aid time reading. Promote independence and fill knowledge gaps. Choose the right watch to assist someone.

Casual Watches

versatile for any occasion, even midnight drives in pyjamas. Affordable, laidback, and practical. Stock up on these stylish accessories